Best Compact Weight Benches For Small Spaces

For any fitness enthusiast, weight and strength training are a must.

And like every person who looks to sculpt themselves to perfection, I too began on a weight training regime using a weight bench and adjustable dumbbells.

But before long, I realized that the time I could spend at the gym was limited, and I would soon need to set up a home gym. This became a must if I was to reach my fitness goals.

The trouble is, I live in an apartment with my wife. And I’m sure I don’t need to spell out how hard it is to set up a home gym in such a limited space. I was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to accommodate a weight bench in the apartment.

But the solution was brought forth by my wife, who is a fitness freak like me. She introduced me to some of the best compact weight benches for small spaces, and that solved all my problems. And today, I’m here to solve yours.

Howdy! I’m Michael Shaw. And today I’m going to let you in on the best compact weight benches for small spaces. Also, to make your task of choosing more comfortable, I’ve included a neat buyers’ guide that can help you.

Let’s not dally any longer, and get on with the real deal.

Steelbody Deluxe STB-10105 Weight Bench

Any person who wants a full-body workout just can’t ignore this beauty from Steelbody. As usual, the company has lived up to its reputation and delivered a stellar product that matches all expectations and more. Whether you are looking for a stronger core or broader back, this is the one to rely on.

What I Like

Arm lifting, weight training, ab workouts, and bench presses…you name it, and I’ve tried it all with this product. And let me tell you that it surely doesn’t disappoint; perfect for lifting weights and strength training, this unit provides a complete workout for the entire body. Also, if you are looking for targeted development such as core, chest, or limbs, this device can help you there as well.

The entire product is made from durable stainless steel, which means you don’t have to worry about robustness. I was pretty impressed by the build quality that this weight bench boasts of, and the transport wheels which provide it with mobility.

But the feature that stood out for me was the customizable bench pads, which can be arranged into multiple positions for flexible training regimes. The padding is two inches thick and provides the right mix of utility and comfort. With a powder-coated finish and faux canvas vinyl covering, this is one device that you won’t regret getting.

What I Don’t Like

The only point of concern I discovered in this product was that during my step-up sessions, the bench seemed to rattle slightly. While this is no doubt due to the adjustable nature of the bench, some people might prefer a separate flat bench for the purpose.


  • Adjustable weight bench
  • Quality stainless steel construction
  • Ideal for a full-body workout.


  • Slight wobble during step-ups.


If you want my opinion, I’d say go for it. Not only is the device premium quality, but also compact enough for any home or apartment. And as for the wobble, that’s only to be expected with movable parts. Take my word for it; this is nothing that should scare anyone away from buying this beauty.

Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench

Flybird has been manufacturing fitness equipment for two decades, and their expertise shows in every product they deliver. Naturally, this one is no exception and adheres to the high standards set by the company. Made from high-quality commercial-grade steel, this is one product that takes the prize in every category. Don’t believe me? Just continue reading, and you’ll know.

What I Like

 I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I am an analyst by profession and swear by numbers. The fact that this product has been put through thousands of weight tests affirms my trust in the company.

Another fact that I need to mention about this product is its unique triangular frame that provides ample support for weight training as well as bench presses. This has really helped me to tone my body exactly the way I want. Also, the product comes with multiple back and seat positions that are easily adjustable, and the soft foam-filled padding that’s covered with genuine leather gives the product a premium feel.

As for safety, Flybird has left no stone unturned. The automatic lock makes the structure robust and ensures zero accidents during workouts. And I was taken by the compact, foldable structure of the device that enables me to tuck the machine under our bed when I’m done exercising.

What I Don’t Like

In a product as excellent as this, it’s tough to find a fault, and I must confess that I haven’t faced any issues with this product to date. It’s only very rarely that a product comes along that has no problems, and I’m pleased to say that this one is such a rare gem. However, I’d have liked it if the product came with wheels for easy maneuverability.


  • 620 pounds of weight-bearing capacity.
  • Multiple adjustments available.
  • Foldable design saves space.


  • Lack of wheels.


Sturdy build, perfect design, and utterly compact, this is the weight bench that you need for your gym. Able to fit into small spaces, this product does not cut any corners and delivers a stunning performance every time. And it’s also very affordable, which means you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to shape up the other two. So don’t wait and just go for it.

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench

Bowflex is yet another well-known brand in the fitness space and has over thirty years of experience manufacturing fitness equipment. And the SelectTech series provides the perfect combination of form and function that can turn your personal workout area into the ultimate home gym. Just take a look below, and be amazed.

What I Like

The first thing to notice about this product is the sturdy build and durable steel frame. At the very first glance, you can tell that this is a product that is meant for the long haul. I also like the fact that the bench can adjust across six different positions, which lends an absolute versatility to the device.

As for load capacity, this product can bear up to 480 pounds; this is sufficient for most standard workout regimes. This is, of course, lower than the massive 620 pounds bearing capacity offered by Flybird. But the device more than compensates for this by providing a removable leg hold-down brace that allows for decline position support.

And as most of you already know, when it comes to fitness products, I’m a stickler for warranty. And, brace yourselves, this product comes with a whopping 30-year warranty. Now, if that’s not a lifetime claim, I don’t know what is.

What I Don’t Like

There’s not much to find fault with such a versatile device. Still, the one thing that creates a doubt in my mind is the fact that unlike the previous listing, this is not entirely foldable. This makes the chair difficult to stow away, hence compromising on its compactness somewhat.


  • Multiple adjustment positions.
  • Removable leg for decline support.
  • Stable, posture correcting positioning.


  • Not entirely foldable.


While it’s true that the product is not foldable, still this doesn’t make it too difficult to maneuver. As for me, I think the transport wheels get the job done rather well. Add to that the stabilizing levelers, leg extension, and adjustable seat pan, and you’ve got a winner. Certainly, one to consider if you’re serious about your fitness.

Marcy SB-10115 Multi-Position Workout Utility Bench

The next product that we have for you is from the house of Marcy, and the SB-10115 model is perfect for beginners and pros alike. With heavy-duty construction that’s meant to last years, this is one device that I guarantee you’ll fall in love with. Interested to know more? Then read on!

What I Like

Stability and durability are the watchwords of this product, and it shows in every aspect of this device. From the powder-coated steel frame to the stabilizing design, contoured roller pads, and high-density foam upholstery, this is a genuinely premium product.

The device comes with six different seat positions and allows me to train across a wide range of postures. This comes in handy when I mix multiple regimes for a hybrid training program. I also like the soft foam leg rollers that help to cushion my legs as I work on my abs. 

Finally, the compact design and ergonomic structure not only make the storage of this device easy but also facilitates the workout process. It also gives me the complete, full-body workout that I desire.

What I Don’t Like  

The weight range. This product has a weight range that can support a maximum of four hundred pounds. This includes the exercising person as well as any additional weights, such as dumbbells. While this is sufficient for my purposes, it’s a lot lower than the range provided by Flybird.


  • Compact, foldable design.
  • Multiple incline and decline positions.
  • Comfortable padding and leg rollers.


  • Not a very high weight range.


If you are looking for an affordable weight bench that can turn your home gym into a professional workout area, this product can be the right choice. Durable, compact, and sturdy, this product is perfect for fitness freaks looking to make a mark on the body-building circuit.

Body Solid Powerline PFID125X

The final product on my list is the Powerline Multi-bench from Body Solid. Yet another recognizable name in the fitness industry, Body Solid is known for the durable and compact design of its products. And the Powerline model is the perfect example of this creed. Let’s take a tour.

What I Like

The thing that first caught my attention with this model is that unlike most weight benches that offer five or six adjustable positions, this one flaunts seven! This provides me with optimum flexibility during workout sessions. With both incline and decline facilities, this bench is ideal for light workouts as well as dumbbell exercises.

The other hallmark of this device is the lightweight build that speaks compactness. The transport wheels provide maximum mobility, and the pull-pin allows the bench to be folded up for secure storage and transport.

But the fact that takes the cake for me is that it requires no assembly, and you can use it straight out of the box. Just how cool is that!

What I Don’t Like

Again, the weight range of 400 pounds seems a bit too low for extreme workouts. But I guess for low to moderate strength regimes, this bench will work just fine. So if you’re not planning on becoming the Hulk, then go for it.


  • Durable frame and quality construction.
  • Fully adjustable design.
  • No assembly required.


  • Only 400 pounds in weight range.


Compact, sturdy, stylish, and affordable, this product is perfect for my home gym. And I think it’ll be the best match for your home fitness set-up too. Just don’t go wrestling with it, and you’ll be just fine.

Choosing The Best Weight Benches-The Only Guide You’ll Ever Require

I know, I know. Even with the five best choices, you might find it challenging to narrow down the best one. After all, you can’t buy all five weight benches, can you?! Hence, to make matters smoother and easier, I’ve gone ahead and created this excellent buying guide (even if I do say so myself) that’ll, well, guide you regarding how to choose the best compact weight bench that matches your requirements. 

Just keep the following points in mind, and you’ll do great!

Build Quality And Weight Range

This is the first and most crucial point that I ask everyone to check out. The weight bench is an essential piece of fitness equipment, and it’s necessary to make sure that the body is sturdy enough to hold you as well as the weights you’ll be training with.

In my opinion, always go with a steel frame that can support ample weight. In this regard, the Flybird adjustable weight bench is the clear winner. Also, make sure that the structure is powder-coated to protect against scratches and rust.

Comfort Factor

For me, being comfortable during workouts is a delicate balance that must be maintained. The pads on your weight bench must be firm and comfy enough to support the weight, but you shouldn’t sink into them as that is not ideal when exercising. Further, make sure that the upholstery is made of either vinyl ( like the Steelbody model on the list ) or leather( the Flybird model). This makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Compactness And Portability

This, of course, is a given for weight benches meant for space-constrained workout areas, such as an apartment (my case). Check out if the product has wheels to ensure mobility and that it folds for enabling easy storage. 

Adjustability Range

Finally, you should always buy an adjustable weight bench, as these allow greater versatility than fixed position benches. The ability to adjust will increase the range of exercises that you can perform on the bench, and this, in turn, will determine your overall fitness. From my list, the first place for the range of adjustability goes to the Powerline model from Body Solid.

Conclusion: Picking The Best Compact Weight Bench

This has been a fun ride, hasn’t it? But like all good things, this too must come to an end. And as we reach the final part of our discussion, I sincerely hope that I’ve been able to answer all your questions regarding weight benches.

But before I take my leave, a word of caution: don’t make the choice of a weight bench lightly. This is an essential piece of equipment, and the wrong product can lead to a total failure of your workout regime. What’s more, it can also lead to serious, life-threatening accidents that you certainly want to avoid.

So before taking the leap, make sure to do your due diligence and buy the weight bench that is most suited for you. The buyers’ guide will undoubtedly help in this regard. It’s best if you choose from among the ones I have listed here, as they are all personally verified by me.

And if you’d like to check out some of the best all-in-one weight sets for your home gym, click on the link!

Quick question: do you think compact weight benches are worth the money? Or would you instead go to the gym and stick to regular weight benches? Maybe you know of a weight bench that I haven’t included?

Whatever the case, be sure to let me know. I’m always keen to hear from you. And till we meet next time, keep the training on!

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